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Model Driven Architecture & Code-generation

OpenAdvantage is specialized in Software Development Tooling, Software Quality Assurance and Knowledge Management Systems.

By combining our decades of experience in developing and implementing both small and large software projects, and a mature development process, OpenAdvantage is the most suitable partner for optimizing your Software Development Practice and to deliver hi-quality consulting and development support.

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  • [19-03-2015] First Technology demonstrations available
    The first two Technology demonstrations are now available and therefore added to the website: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Infrastructure Technology Management (ITM). You can now find information on those two applications, such as code-metrics, Cocomo-II full development cost & effort calculation and the actual effort involved with building the applications with our Code generation Technology.
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Software Development Technology
Model Driven Architecture Code Generation Instant Prototyping
Our technology is based on Model Driven Architectures. Software implementation is largely done by doing in-depth system analysis for our clients and development of a very extensively documented information model that subsequently drives our Software Development Pipeline. Our Software Generation technology builds a fully documented project, consisting of working software (ready for testing) and full documentation for the datamodel and software API, both as bowsable digital documents and as inline documentation in the generated code. Generating a fully working and functional system at the start of a project gives the client full control over the final result. Having a constantly updated prototype of the system available gives the oportunity to test the initial choices made during analysis, almost instantly.
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Consulting Services
Knowledge Management Development Tooling Software Quality Assurance
Developing technology is closely linked to developing knowledge. Our knowledge management strategy developed in parallel with our technological innovations, and became something that our clients asked for in addition to the software projects. A large part of developing a Software Generation platform (and strategy) comes from having in-depth knowledge of the available and possible tooling for software development. Over the years we have assembled development platforms for JAVA, PHP and Python. Being a CMM/CMMi level 3 company means that we have a lot of experience in modeling organizational processes for Software Quality Assurance. Coupled with our Knowledge Management Strategy we have the right solutions for companies in need of Software-QA.
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OpenAdvantage is a registered trade name of Twin Pepper BV
Educational Accreditation

OpenAdvantage is fully accredited as a training company for Software Development and Digital Media Design.

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